At Inokyo, when we saw how retail was evolving, and the different attempts at creating new experiences, we noticed a key flaw. The solutions would solve issues for retailers, but ultimately would fail to be adopted by consumers. They were creating experiences for retailers, not the consumers they serve.

Retail is about people. It’s a deeply complex industry with a long history. We knew that if were to do this right, we would have to start from the bottom up. To develop a product both customers and retailers would love, we would need to be store owners first. When we were funded by Y Combinator in 2018, we set out to do this by launching a pop-up autonomous store in Downtown Mountain View, CA— the first autonomous store in California.

Here, we witnessed first-hand what worked and what did not. We iterated until we got it right. Now, we’re bringing this technology to everyone else. The power of artificial intelligence should be democratized— not simply be in the hands of a few tech giants.

Retail is evolving, but will always be a part of our day to day lives. At Inokyo, we’re excited to see how technology will transform it, and work with both retailers and consumers be part of that wave.

The Inokyo Team